Top 3 Favorite October Outfits

It has been awhile and I haven't blog in awhile and I apologize, but I did do a style video :D Enjoy! All clothing items are listed down below.[youtube=]
OUTFIT 1: Lazy Me
Hat- Target
Hoodie- Vans
Skinny Sweatpants- Cotton On 
Moccasins- High Country 
OUTFIT 2: Kick-Back
Cardigan- Pac Sun 
Denim Top- H&M
Jeans- A&F 
Necklace- A&F
Shoes- Thrift Store
OUTFIT 3: Mr. Impress
Top- Pac Sun 
Pants- H&M
Jacket- 21 Men
Tie- Express
Shoes- Call it Springs
Sweater- Hollister
Belt- Unknown  Kou Leng