My Circle Lens History From 2009

Today I will be showing you guys some very funny pictures and do a review when I started to wear circle lens. Let's get it started!!
 My very first pair of circle lens were the Geo Angel Brown.
I won them from a contest and choose these pair of lens to be my first ever circle lens! I recievied these from Nylihseyes, from her myspace, but now myspace is long gone and she still has her shop open on Facebook. Go check her out here
GEO ANGEL BROWN - Fancy much mister?
GEO ANGEL BROWN - very creepy me. haha!
GEO ANGEL BROWN - The only picture I can find without any edits.

               I can't remember which lens were after my first pair, but here are some lens I purchased. 

Continue to read/view pictures of more of my history of circle lens! :)

GEO Nudy Golden Blue 
I loved these pair of lens! They were a favorite of mines for its color. The color was so bold and showy, but it did not come in prescription so I hardly wore these lens what so ever. Because I am kinda blind :/
Geo Nudy Blue 
I loved the color of these lens! They were a true blue and in pictures they were blue or sometimes have a grey tint to them.
Geo Super Angel Grey 14.8 mm
One of my most wore lens ever. Loved the color and its enlarging, but now I do not like the huge dolly eye look. I prefer the more natural and blended lens in the market.
very dolly like
Lens can seduce others. just sayin'
Geo Angel Green 
I felt like these pair of green lens did not suit me well, so I hardly wore these so there aren't many old pictures I took. Sorry!
Geo CK105 
I had wanted to try a pair of black lens and they were not my favorite. I have natural big eyes already and these lens just kinda made me look freakish. I did not enjoy these much, but on the other hand these were so natural though and people could not tell I was wearing circle lens.
Geo Nature/World/Tri Color/Berry/Puffy 3 Tone Brown 
My most favorite lens series offered from Geo. I love these so much as you can see down below! The color, comfort, design, and look it brings to my appearance. They are the perfect hazel brown lens I have tried without making me look to vampire-ish.
Geo Nature/World/Tri Color/ Berry/Puffy 3 Tone Blue 
Yes of course I had to purchase the blue one too!


Geo Nature/World/Tri Color/Berry/Puffy 3 Tone Grey 

                                                    Here is the blogpost of these babies here 

Yes I wore these to my prom!
 Geo Super Nudy Brown
I had wanted to try these pair of lens and boy oh boy I did not like them! They were so scary looking on me! They are seriously beautiful for its enlarging, but I look super freaky! The color is more on the light brown/orange/yellow tone. Very lack of photos for this pair.
Geo T-732 Star Lens 
stars around your pupil? Why not? The only photo I have of these sorry :(
Geo Honey Wing Brown 
not much photos of these lens, but these are a very beautiful pair of circle lens that are very natural looking.
EOS Misty Max Grey 
I did not like these lens what so ever! The color was not noticeable and I had one lens that was defective and was not comfortable so I threw them out within 1 week.
EOS Adult Purple 
These lens were very interesting although I did not like them because they were too bold for me. A guy having purple eyes is pretty strange right? No pictures left of these lens :(

I hope you enjoy laughing seeing these old photos of me, but found them helpful. I know about circle lens and have worn them for 4 years now, so I have plenty of experience and knowledge. I like wearing circle lens because they enhance my appearance making me have a different look than other guys and I like wearing them because they make me feel more confident than wearing glasses. I know many men do think circle lens are more towards females, but anyone can pull off circle lens. Circle lens do not judge your sexual orientation. I'm straight and I like wearing circle lens! 

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Have a good one! Kou Leng Thao