Circle Lens For Guys - Geo Fresh Brown Review - PinkyParadise

Name: Fresh Brown FC-724 

Diameter: 14.0mm 

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Type: 1 year 

Prescription: -0.00 - -10.00

Price: $19.00 

Lens secure in package with contact case
YEA! Opened from package
So so so so good looking!
I'm not too blind
Cleaning them with contact solution
Going to soak for 8 hours before wearing!
Lens is not this noticeable. With Flash
Left: with lens Right: no lens
Without no lens, yes I have naturally big eyes
With flash photography these lens will enhance your natural brown eyes or give your eye color a hint of brown.
Indoor with flash
Natural lighting in front of window
Outdoor lighting
Indoor without flash (natural lighting from side)
My point of view
1. Circle lens are so natural !!!
2. Able to wear for 7 1/2 hours
3. Not too enlarging just what I was looking for
1. Can get irritated just like any circle lens. Need eye drops after a few hours
Concluding Thoughts
I was searching for a pair of circle lens that were natural, comfy, and a lens that no one would think I was wearing. And I found it! GEO the brand are sometimes not the most comfortable (from the start) but now GEO has really upgraded their comfort in their lens. I am so in love with these pair of lens. I am going to repurchase these lens after 3 or maybe 6 months. Yes they are 1 year disposable  but since I am going to wear these on a daily basis I will not keep them for 1 year just not healthy ( in my own opinion). A funny story: my own professor asked if I had my glasses with me since I usually wear glasses to class. I told him I was wearing contacts instead. He couldn't even tell I had colored contacts on. HOW AWESOME! My own friends couldn't even tell I was wearing a brown lens because the brown is so natural. I recommend these lens for you if you are looking for a pair of circle lens that are natural and not enlarging. Also, I love these lens because they are not enlarging. If a guy has some huge circle lens on that are really noticeable. I find that very weird and not cool. Lastly, I am just in love with these lens and I will repurchase them.
Overall Points
Color: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Enlargement: 2/5
Thoughts about PinkyParadise 
Shipping was about 2 weeks using the method of Air Mail from Singapore
Lots of different circle lens to purchase from
Customer service is excellent! Reply back very quickly
Prices of circle lens are ok. Can find cheaper on other sites
Very easy to navigate site
Thank you for reading. Have a great day!
* Disclaimer: I was not paid from PinkyParadise to do this review nor was I given these lens for free. I purchased these lens with my own money. All stated opinions above are my own. (: