Vivid Beauty Review: Geo Tri Color Grey Circle Lens

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First, I just want to apologize for this super late review on these lens and lack of photos, but it's like almost a year and I finally stopped being lazy and told myself to get to it, so here is my review for the Geo Tri Color Grey from Vivid Beauty (not sponsor)

Window Lighting: color is noticeable
Webcam: WAH BAM!
Geo Tri Color Grey 
Diameter: 14.0mm/14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal
Manufactor: Geo Cosmetics 
My Point of View
1. Shipping was super amazing! Since we both live in the U.S. it took about only 3 days to receive
2. Each contact lens come with a free pair of contact case
3. Very natural looking (3 tone lens)
1. I can only wear these lens for about a straight 6.5 hours with contact eye drops. (recommended to not wear longer than 8 hours)
2. Depending what lighting you are in the color can be different.
Concluding Review
If you like the natural looking contact lens that make your eyes very sexy and gives it a hint of "are those your real eyes?" then I recommend you getting these pair of circle lens. The GEO Tri Color Series are one of my most favorite series of circle lens from GEO. I have tried the brown, blue, and now the grey. And I have come to conclusion that I love 3 tone circle lens. Also, I would recommend guys to wear a three tone lens rather than those crazy 15mm dolly eye big brown or black ones, unless you like that stuff, but with these lens they will just give your eyes a POP! and some people may not even notice that you are wearing a colored lens. For example, I had gotten many compliments at school people asking me if I had real grey eyes!!! Like come on now an Asian with grey eyes? That's crazy, but that just shows how natural looking these lens are. If you want to try them. Go right ahead!!
Overall Points 
Color: 4/5
Comfort: 4.5/5
Enlargement: 3/5
Here is your chance to get some awesome lens for an awesome price!
Vivid Beauty is closing out and is having a MAJOR sale on their instock lens, as low as $7. Hurry up! What are you waiting for?