Update with my life - Session w/ Nancy

Hello to All, Here's whats new with my life, well college is going pretty decent. Just a bunch of reading and assignments to do. I find myself still trying to balance everything out. Also, I took an offer to be in a visual media team for a organization called Dance Through Life. Long story short I am specializing in doing graphics and photography for them. To be honest, it is a lot to handle and manage, but I find myself always trusting what God has plans for me. For I know that He is so good when I am not good and He remains a faithful Father. I love you Lord. If you were wondering, yes I am still single and I do like it. I'm not sure why some people always asks why i'm not in a relationship...my goodness my life is already stressful how it is and being in a relationship, that is a lot to manage!! I'm so thankful for my singleness, because it just draws me closer to our heavenly Father. Lastly, I need to study more and longer!! I can't believe mid-semester is already here! This is crazy how fast college is going so far. 

Photo session with Nancy =)

So awesome to be able to capture some moments with Nancy. I've known her for about maybe two years now from church and she is just a sweet heart. Thank you for letting me take some shots of you.

God Bless and until next time...  Kou Leng