Spring is in the Air

First I would like to apologize for neglecting you my blog, and second hello! It's March 2012 and well hello spring!! It is fairly warm here in Minnesota, which is so odd because it never gets this warm until April/May, but I am satisfied and happy with this weather. I hope you guys had all enjoy the weather, because I sure did!

I would like to update you all about my life at the moment. So I turned 18!! Yes I am legal now, but not legal legal. BUT HEY!! Life is going pretty good, still looking for a job and all, but I told myself to not give up and that I will do!
In this outfit I am wearing it was actually rainy, and I got this jacket just four days before it was spring. And the best part was that it was on sale!! Yes I love sales and I never buy jackets for full price! Now to my ootd.
Jacket: Pacsun - Brand: Legendary Goods
Backpack: Marshall - Brand: Quicksilver
Underneath Clothing: Hollister Sweater V-Neck, Khols Button Up
Cross: Gift from my momma ;)
Please do stay in tune for my spring collection clothing :D see yah!