Spring Showers

The snow is melted and the skies are dark with water dripping from the sky against my window. What is this? Rain? Yes. I fall asleep hearing the raindrops. My mind wonders and is filled with thoughts I never thought before. Life is moving fast and we humans live in a society where we rely on time. Running out of time to do tasks, running out of time to finish a paper, running out of time before finishing your duty at work, and running out of time to enjoy the wonders of creation. We slowly drift away from what we are given. I've drifted away before. We must stay strong and not grow weary. For our God will not forsake us nor leave us to run this race alone. Stand firm in your faith and continue to keep living a life that desires God. Find peace in Him. Go out and spread the Good News. Your brother, Kou Leng