Why hello there!!

I have been long gone from blogging and I am sorry. Please forgive me! Here's an update with my life!!- College has been cray cray - Working has been cray cray - Church has been wonderful

     I have just been juggling my life recently. If I am not doing one of the other I am probably watching my baby Lucy or sleeping. God has been so good to me. He's just been revealing so many things to me and its an awesome experience. I was pretty stressful over working and going to school. I had wanted to quit working after the first three days!! But I told myself I couldn't be weak and I gotta work. Although it conflicts with me doing worship and hanging with the youth more, but God is still good and never forsaken me. Living life on this earth means working. Both spiritually and physically. I am so blessed to have such an amazing Father. I hope I may be able to continue blogging, but doing videos...We will see about that! Got some products I want to share with yall! Okay I'm super tired from work. Long day :/ but my spring break is going alright! Not too bad actually.

Your Brother, Kou Leng