Last Days of College

Whew! I made it! Today was my last day of college classes. I just have college finals next week. I am very blessed to have no final exams, but just one test and two final projects to work on...but these projects are worth over 100 points :/ I am very sorry for not blogging for awhile. Please forgive me. Here is an update with my life though, I have been applying for jobs online like crazy!! Overwhelmed with the large amount of college work and been very addicted to we heart it. I had an account for over at least two years and rarely used it, so if you would like to see where I get my Youtube music artwork many of them are found there. Also, I was given an awesome deal from Pinky Paradise for YOU GUYS!!!!! use my coupon code name "misterkoulenghaha" and you'll be gifted with a mystery gift. Pinky Paradise Link 

Have a good one! Kou Leng